vineri, noiembrie 25, 2022
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Binance says its Industry Recovery Initiative has 7 enrollees, 150 applicants

The initiative was announced Nov. 24 by CEO Chengpang Zhao (CZ) as an effort to “protecting consumers and rebuilding the industry.”

5 tips for riding out a downbeat market this holiday season

The market doesn't look like it's going to spike upward anytime soon. While you wait, grow your network and position your portfolio to take...

Separating Web3 facts from fiction: Report

Web3 promises plenty of lofty goals and ideas, but what is it really, and are we close to achieving the dream?

MetaMask will start collecting user IP addresses

The popular browser wallet has over 21 million monthly active users.

How to talk to family members about crypto this Thanksgiving season

The Cointelegraph team has come up with a humorous guide for readers to employ with crypto skeptics and curious people while home during the...

Bitcoin price still due $12K dip, says trader as ETF guru backs GBTC

BTC price bear market bottom targets continue to flow in below $14,000 despite Bitcoin rebounding above $16,000.

Bitcoin miners look to software to help balance the Texas grid

Bitcoin mining can help balance electrical grids, but software can help ensure that miners are able to power on and off in seconds. ...

First time Bear market? Advice from Bitcoin Bull Michael Saylor

Homeowners don’t check the price of their homes while drunk at a party, so why check the price of Bitcoin in that way, Michael...

Binance aims to allocate $1 billion for crypto recovery fund

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is aiming to stockpile $1 billion for an industry recovery fund.

UK bank Starling bans crypto-related purchases and deposits citing high risk

Starling has banned its customers from purchasing cryptocurrencies with their bank cards or receiving transfers from crypto merchants.

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